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"The Humane Society of Kodiak is committed to preventing animal cruelty, reducing the homeless and abandoned pet population, and promoting the proper care of animals."

About Us

Board of Directors

The Humane Society of Kodiak has been in existence since 1994.

Our organization was contracted by the City of Kodiak to operate the Kodiak Animal Shelter in 1995, changing it to a “No Kill” shelter for friendly, adoptable animals in 1997 thanks to community support.  It is solely through memberships,  fundraising, and donations that we are able to spay/neuter and provide other veterinary care for the animals awaiting adoption. 


We are not members of, nor are we formally affiliated with the Humane Society of the United States or the American Humane Society.

We have our own bylaws and mission statement and operate independently to service Kodiak Island in its entirety, including the city, Borough, Villages, and the Coast Guard Base. 



Our focus and the point to our fundraising is to prevent the cruelty of animals through

education and by promoting responsible pet ownership, reducing the population of abandoned pets through spay/neuter programs and to promote the proper care of animals impounded at the shelter. 



Our volunteer board is made up of community members who enjoy the Alaskan lifestyle and have lived on Kodiak Island for many years.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our board, assisting with fundraising events or for any other board-related business please contact us at

Lorraine Stewart

Cindy Trussell
Vice President

Linda Lance

Angela Chervenak


Karen Yashin

Member at Large

Meghan Blakely

Member at Large

Emily Ryznar

Member at Large

Sara Newby

Member at Large


Jean Turman

Shelter Manager

Alyssa Aga

Lead Animal Care Technician

Mercedes Loveland

Animal Care Technician

Acacia Anglin

Animal Care Technician

Emily Manders

Animal Care Technician

Gabby Craig 

Animal Care Technician

Laura Booch

HSK Board Assistant

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