Happily Ever After...


Adopted by Steve R. 

Princess Jasmine



The next day Brian and I were so excited to bring her home.  She was not as excited.  When we opened the crate and let her out in our house, she ran into the kitchen and hid in the back of a cabinet.  Hours later when she was still hiding in there I tried to pull her out to say hello.  She ran into the bedroom and jumped into Brian's closet and hid in there.  She made herself a little nest and didn't come out for three days.  She was pretty scaredy about the whole thing.  We would go in and check on her and talk to her and watch her knead the pile of clothes she had made into a nest.  She kneaded so much we thought maybe her paws were stuck in the clothes, but it turns out she just really likes to do it.  She finally came out of her hidely hole but she was very scared of things for a while and would run back into her closet nest any time she got spooked.  She also let us hold her but only standing up, not while we were sitting or lying down.


She stayed with us indoors for a few months at our house, but when summer came she got to go out to fish camp with Brian.  She loves fish camp!  The both of them get up at dawn, and while he works she gets to run around the beach and catch the voles and songbirds.  She learned to come to the beach when Brian is done fishing and meet him to escort him up to the cabin as part of her daily ritual.  She got to know the fox that visits us as well, and sometimes they would secretly play together when they thought no one was watching.  She got to eat fresh fish every day with Brian as well, and over the summer she got a lot stronger, and a lot braver.  She was still really quiet though, and she would rarely purr.  Occasionally she would give a tiny meow but he could barely hear her and would have to make sure she was in the cabin before he went to bed since he worried she would meow loud enough to wake him.


When she came back to town in the fall she was a new cat, one that didn't want to be an indoor kitty anymore.  Brian and I started walking one day, and she followed along behind us.  She decided she liked that and now she waits by the door for her walk every day.  She likes to do the same walk over and over, but I like to push her boundaries by making her go further or go a different path or direction.  She has learned to trust us to watch out for her on a walk and learned how to communicate when she wants to go home or when she is up for adventure.  She has also started talking to us, giving us a little hello whenever she sees us or when she wants our attention, but not being loud or annoying.  She has learned to speak up enough for Brian to hear her at night, or if she gets stuck behind a closed door.


We have had her just over 3 years now, and she has really come into her own.  She loves to be held by us, and will jump on us and climb up if she wants to be held and we aren't paying attention.  She climbs into our laps or across our shoulders and will run across the house to snuggle us when we go to bed at night.  She tucks us in and kneads the blankets down and kisses us for bed, and does the same when we wake up in the morning (unless she is pressed up between us asleep too).  And in the afternoons when Brian and I are at home with her, we will tuck her into bed for her big afternoon nap the same way.


She loves to walk with us or play with us or garden with us and will often follow us around the house just to hang out. We spoil her rotten and she eats better then we do (we can fresh fish and venison for her every year and cook her a chicken every month).  We built her a cat tree and box and shelves along the walls of our living room and shelves or hammocks to sit at almost every window of the house, to show her how much we love her.  She purrs all the time now, sometimes just coming home and saying hello is enough to make her purr.   We watch videos on how to be better cat parents and learn new ways to play with her, and we bought her music for cats so when we leave her alone there is soothing kitty music to listen to.  She is really the best part of our life and we couldn't imagine her not being a part of the family.


We are eternally grateful to the Kodiak Animal Shelter for helping bring us together!  


Brian & Athenia Large (& Princess Jasmine aka PJ)

My husband, Brian and I got Princess Jasmine from the Kodiak Animal Shelter on Valentine's Day, 2014.  We had recently bought a home together and we were ready to get a pet.  We had both had family pets, but this was to be the first pet either of us owned on our very own. 


I was very excited, as it had taken me a long time to convince my husband to go to the shelter with me.  When we arrived, I was giddy, running around to all the beautiful cats.  A vocal cat kept trying to get my attention, so I left the room for a minute to talk to the people working about the cat.  While I did, my husband stayed behind, calmly standing in the cat room looking around.  Princess Jasmine was on the top-most perch of the highest cat tower, and she caught his eye and then slowly made her way down to the ground and walked over to him, so he could pick her up.  It was important to both of us that we get a cat that we could pick up and hold and who would be comfortable with a lot of affection.  When I came back into the room she was quietly sitting in his arms.  I tried to mention the cat that had caught my eye, but Brian was having none of it.  He handed Princess Jasmine to me and said she had picked him and the decision was made, she would be our cat.  He specifically liked how quiet she was.  She was also very small, we thought she may still be a kitten.  We were told that she was almost two years old and had even had her own litter of kittens already, so she was full grown.

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