August 5 - August 11
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Puppy Love!


This year Pet Idol was truly a world wide event! 
We had many great entries, but who are we kidding? It came down to 2.
We're you Team Bern or Team Duke? Who do you think won?? Let's find out!!

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Did you know that the biggest chunk of an animal shelter’s budget is often spent on food?

This is especially true if there are a lot animals in the shelter.

Donated pet food or treats really do make a difference!

Right now the  Kodiak Animal Shelter is averaging about 45 cups of pet food per day or roughly 78+ lbs per week. That's a lot of food! That doesn't even count the food we give away from our pet food bank.  Which often can equal roughly the same amount of pet food we use in house. 

Pet food we use in house:

Pedigree, Iams, Science Diet, Blue Buffalo, Lamb & Rice, Purina, Special Kitty, Cat Chow, Royal Canin, Purina Pro Plan, any brand/flavor in can food. Any brand/flavor for the pet food bank. 

Remember: In kind donations (pet food) are tax deductible!

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