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April 2 - April 8


If you're looking for an old fashioned barn cat, Bobbie's your man. Although not completely feral, Bobbie doesn't really enjoy the company of people. He'll watch you from a distance but like your parents told you when you were little, "keep your hands to yourself". He does seem to like the company of other cats but not dogs and he loves toys and catnip!


Shadow is a mature boy who enjoys the quiet life. He has an independent streak where he likes to do his own thing & have a space of his own. Shadow will rub up against your leg, flop on his side, and can be a bit vocal when he wants attention, but then just as quick, he's off to do cat things in the way only cats can do. He is a one pet only kind of guy and needs mature like minded humans so Shadow can really shine.

Share the Trails

In Kodiak, many trail users like to bring their dogs along for a hike. Sometimes that can set up a potential danger to their pets & conflict with an often overlooked user group: Trappers.

Do you know what to do if your pet gets snared in a trap? ADFG has put together some great info on the matter. 

Traveling with Pets

Are you wanting to take your pet with you on vacation? Moving off island? Transferring to Hawaii? 

Find out the necessary steps and requirements needed for your pet to be able to fly or travel off island via the Alaska Marine Highway 

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