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Pets of the Week

February 23 - 29

Sig is the epitome of friendliness and playfulness! This lovable pup has a heart of gold and an infectious zest for life. While Sig adores adults and forms strong bonds with them, he prefers a child-free environment where he can be the center of attention. He thrives in the company of mature individuals who can appreciate his playful nature and shower him with love and affection. Sig is a true adventurer at heart, always ready for long walks and trail explorations with his human companions. His enthusiasm for outdoor activities is matched only by his love for chasing balls, making him the perfect companion for active individuals seeking a furry friend to join in on their adventures. Despite his active lifestyle, Sig has a soft spot for cuddles and belly rubs. He'll melt into your arms with contentment, reveling in the affection and attention you provide. If you're ready to embark on countless adventures with a loyal and playful companion by your side, don't hesitate to ask for assistance and meet Sig today.

With a heart as big as his adorable face, Rocky is fantastic with older kids, making him the perfect playmate for your family. While Rocky may be selective about his furry friends, both canine and feline, once he finds his perfect match, he's a loyal and devoted buddy. He loves nothing more than engaging in a game of fetch or tug of war, showcasing his playful nature and infectious zest for life. Long walks are one of Rocky's favorite pastimes, and he'll eagerly join you for adventures around the neighborhood or hikes in the great outdoors. When it's time to unwind, Rocky is a pro at soaking up affection. He'll eagerly accept all the love and pets you have to offer, and he has a quirky habit of positioning himself between your legs to maximize the enjoyment of scratches and cuddles. Rocky would thrive in a loving home where he can be showered with attention and provided with plenty of opportunities for play and exercise. A family with older children who can keep up with his energy levels would be a perfect match for this lovable pup.



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