Current Spay & Neuter Promo

Through grants received from the City of Kodiak, Kodiak Island Borough, and HSK fund matching, we are very proud to have the ability to offer coupons, to be used at the Kodiak Vet Clinic, to help offset the cost of spaying or neutering your pet.  

We understand the hustle and bustle that has become our lives these days and that you may not have time to stop by the animal shelter to pick up a coupon, so for your convenience you may call the animal shelter at 907-486-8077 for assistance in obtaining a coupon for your pet(s) upcoming spay/neuter.  

We will need basic owner and pet information i.e. name, address, phone number, pet name, breed, sex, DOB and coat color. The coupon is then sent directly to the vet clinic and attached to your account. 

*Please note we do not issue same day coupons. All coupons must be sent to the vet clinic prior to your surgery date. 

City and Borough Residents

K9 Spay - $225

K9 Neuter - $175

Feline Spay - $160

Feline Neuter - $140

Our spay & neuter program is sponsored by:
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