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Winston Checkers

Francis Cater donated funds to the Humane Society of Kodiak in memory of her son, Winston, and his companion cat, Checkers. 

Winston had a mental illness and Checkers was often his only connection to help him through tough times.


Francis requested that at the beginning of each fiscal year, $2000 is to be dedicated to providing financial assistance to seniors and those with disabilities for their cats. The fund is also to be used for senior cats in the care of community members.


Financial assistance can be used for veterinary care, pet food, adoption fees and damage deposits.

This fund is ONLY for CATS.

Pet Companion

Helps persons over the age of 60, and/or disabled persons that need pet (dog or cat) related, financial assistance

  • Adoption fees for shelter pets

  • Pet damage deposits for housing

  • Veterinary care expenses

  • Pet food expenses

  • Medicine Expenses

Spay & Neuter Specials

Throughout the year we receive various grants & funding to help you save money when it comes time to spay or neuter your pet. 


Being a foster family is one of the most rewarding ways to help our shelter pets. We realize that fostering is also not a one size fits all program, so we have created several different types of fostering.​ To learn about our different foster programs please call or visit the animal shelter.


Call the Kodiak Animal Shelter for more information about out our Emergency Veterinary Assistance Program. This program is only for true life & death veterinary emergencies.

Food For Fido

Whether you walk dogs, cuddle cats, brush dogs, clean cages, wash dishes, fold laundry or even scoop poop, you can make a difference in the lives of our fur babies!

We have volunteer opportunities for all ages!  Visit the Kodiak Animal Shelter to learn how you can help.

We know sometimes life happens, and you may need help with feeding your pet.  Please call or come see us if you need help. If we have extra food available we are more than happy to help. There is no charge for this, although we do ask when you are financially able to please pay it forward by donating pet food so we may continue to help others.

PAL Program

To help combat the pet overpopulation you can bring the mom & litter to the animal shelter.

 We will keep the mom with her litter

until it's time to wean them. Once weaned we will spay her, make sure she is current on vaccines and then return her to you. 

Our only requirement is the entire litter must be surrendered, so that they are spayed/neutered and adopted. For more information please

call us or you may fill out application online here: 

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