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Online Membership

Membership  has been the cornerstone of the foundation of the Humane Society of Kodiak, since it's inception.  Membership funds help us ensure that we can care for the many animals that come through the door of the Kodiak Animal Shelter, including our successful spay & neuter program.

Different options to join are available, including Individual, Family and business membership, as well as Lifetime membership. 

Beginning January 2021, Lifetime membership is changing from one level of $250 donation to four levels;

               Silver Paw: $250 - $499


               Gold Paw: $500 - $749

               Platinum Paw: $750 - $999

               Diamond Paw: $1000+

For current Lifetime Members, the membership level will be changed to reflect the total of their donation. For current and new Lifetime members they will be able to choose from a variety of thank you gifts, as recognition and appreciation for this valuable support. 

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