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Happily Ever After


Homer's story
The Reunion


Hi Everybody, Max here.  I want to let you know how things are going in my new home.  I start my day by getting in the bed with my mom and my dog-brother Mulvey.  Mom says there's not enough room but I stomp and wiggle and everybody readjusts and there is actually plenty of room. We cuddle for a while then have breakfast and take a walk. Some days mom works in her shop most of the day but other days we go for car rides and hikes in the woods. Lots of times my new people and dog friends join us.  The best part about it here?  EVERYBODY has cheese.  Whenever I meet someone new, they give me cheese.  Once I've met them a few times I take the cheese then I lean on them until they pet me or get me more cheese.  

  Every day mom goes through this boring routine of making me sit and stay and come and all sorts of other things but there is cheese so I do it.  I'm not so good at listening when there are other interesting things happening so we have to start school in a few weeks.  

  I was scared of things like the tennis ball thrower and brooms when I first got here but now new things don't scare me.  Well, the thermometer at the vet's, that's kind of rude.

  I turned 4 in September and my people friends came and I got to open presents, which I was really good at. 

  Mom says I'm going to be a model like Mulvey so when she comes back to Kodiak for Crabfest you'll be able to see pictures of me in her booth.

  That's about it for now.  Mostly I lounge around on the couch but I LOVE going for walks so we do that a lot.  Every night Mulvey and I get treats before going to bed, which should be happening any moment now.  Nighty night. 11/6/2017


This is Steve, He is a very energetic friendly Cat.

Steve likes to play, Cuddle, and explore.


Steve did not take long to make himself at home. He was very excited when we first brought him home, he was determined to explore every room, crawl into any open cabinet and already decided that the bed was his as well.


Steve really is an odd Cat, as my wife tells me, (who grew up with two cats) I did not but am becoming a fan myself. Steve fits right into our little family and we already forgot what it was like when we didn’t have Steve.


Steve is also very playful.

He loves swatting around pom-pom balls or anything round like avocado pits and grapes. He likes to chase feather toys and a laser pointer.

Steve will often get the zoomies if you don’t let him out enough and will run all around the house bumping into things.

Which is why we often let Steve play with the neighbor's cat who he befriended after pawing at him the first couple times.


Steve is very cuddly and will never let you relax without him. If Steve feels ignored for too long he will meow until you pay attention to him or pick him up.

He likes his alone time occasionally and will lay in his cat tree or somewhere random like the bottom of our TV stand but always comes right back meowing until you pay attention to him again.


Steve loves taking trips to the beach but not for the sand. Steve loves climbing on Rocks, and for whatever reason whenever he finds a smooth rock he likes to slide down it on his back,(Probably makes a good back scratcher.)  We also take Steve on walks, not usual for cats but he loves to explore especially thick forest areas. We had to get him a leash because he will just disappear into the bushes then reappear 2 hours later.

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