Pet Corner

Dog Friendly Collars

We carry a large selection of Dexil pet products. Dexil use a simple traffic light color-coded system that help can stop accidents and incidents from happening in the first place.


Free online dog training courses. Wagfield Academy offers 4 online courses to help you with training either your puppy or adult dog

Food Recall

Making sure your pet has safe food to eat is one of the most important and easy things you can do to help keep your furry family member healthy. 

Rehoming Your Pet

In the event that you need to rehome your pet and you choose to not bring to the shelter, the Oregon Humane Society has put together a packet of resources & tips to help you find a safe home for your pet. 

Pet Boarding

Even though Kodiak is the cats meow, there are times you may still want to get away. We are fortunate to have a few fabulous places to board your furry friend while you are out of town. 

Pet Grooming

Everyone deserves a spa day, including your furry friends. 

Soon Kodiak will have a choice of groomers to fit your pets needs. Whether it be a brick & mortar spa or a groomer that comes to you. Keep informed with all services available by checking back often.  

Animal Cruelty

Learn to recognize the signs of animal abuse, neglect and what you can do to protect them and be their voice

Healthy Pets

CDC offers an in-depth look at the benefits of healthy pets & healthy people. The website covers a wide range of topics on caring for your pets, diseases, pet safety and so much more.  

All Things Cat

Looking for information about cat behavior, grooming, health and tips? This website has it all in one place!   Veterinarian-written and veterinarian approved

Surrendering a Pet

The Kodiak Animal Shelter is an open admission shelter. We accept all pets that arrive at our doors, regardless of age, health, color, breed. 

We attempt to make this as easy as possible for both the pet & owner

Pet Tags

Help your pet be reunited with you quicker if they get loose or become lost on the trails. Kodiak Tags is quick, affordable and owned & operated by local, Nick Pletnikoff.

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