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There is no more personal way to help animals than by becoming a foster volunteer. Opening your home to a cat or dog from the Kodiak Animal Shelter means you have the opportunity to increase the quality of life for a homeless animal and open much-needed den space so that the shelter can care for another pet. Simply put, foster volunteers help save lives.

Many of the animals needing foster homes are Special Needs animals; those dogs and cats who are not doing well in the shelter environment and need a home in order to thrive. Foster volunteers provide behavior and medical rehabilitation in a nurturing home environment so that animals in your care may mature, heal, socialize, and become available for adoption.

We realize that fostering is also not a one size fits all program, so we have created several different types of fostering.

Kittens and Puppies 

This is a great fostering program for anyone who loves having babies around!  It's even better if you have kids. You take mom and the litter home and care for them until it's time to place them up for adoption. You get to watch them grow while being able to snuggle and love on them. All the while helping them become well-adjusted and loving pets for their fur-ever homes.  



 Sometimes we have a shelter pet that needs major surgery and will need to be closely monitored, as well as receive extra care during recovery.  They will recover much quicker in a home, where it is a more relaxing and a less stressful environment.  Shelter staff will provide all medical supplies and instruction for you to properly care for the pet.

Dog in Cone

Senior Pet Foster

A shelter environment can be a big adjustment for any pet who is surrendered or brought to us, with so many noises, smells, and types of people and animals. Although some senior pets do adapt, others have difficulty and are under constant stress. Whether it be long term or just until their fur-ever home is found, being placed in a loving foster home is always the best option.


Temporary Safe House

The animal shelter works with KWRCC clients who may need temporary housing for their pet(s).  This is an anonymous program, which means only the shelter manager knows who the foster families are and where KWRCC clients pets are placed. If you would like to be on our Safe House Foster list please speak with the shelter manager.

If you are interested in fostering one of our pets or want more information on fostering program

please email:, call (907) 486-8077 or you may fill out our foster application online.

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