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Pet of the Week September 17 - 23

Penelope: approx. 7 mths old, DSH

Current on FVRCP & Rabies vaccines, dewormed, and microchipped. Adoption fee: S70

With a time & patience, Penelope has proven to be a loving and sweet cat. She does still need slow introductions when meeting new people, otherwise her fight or flight kicks in and she will attempt to flee. Once Penelope realizes you only want to love her, she will meow & purr and want all your attention. She is extremely fearful of small children, especially those who do not understand her need to do things in her time. Penelope doesn't seem to mind other cats or dogs, and she may even thrive better in a home where she has a furry companion who can help build her confidence. Still being young, she has great potential to become an amazing feline friend for the right family.


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